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When I first discovered colour as a child, my favourite colour was red.  A nice vibrant bright red.  It felt vital, and seemed to reflect who I was, and most importantly, I knew that by knowing it, I could use it.

Then I discovered yellow.  The yellow matched the red in strength and brightness, and like the red, seemed to reflect who I was, but in a different way.  This different way introduced to me to a 'dynamic', that I could not fully express in words.  Then I discovered purple, which I put next to the yellow, so the order ran, red, yellow, purple.  The purple seemed to bring in a deep mystery, that made the three colours into a winning combination.  Each one bringing an energising dynamic that played off the other colours.

It is as though another language is going on around you, but you are so familiar with it, you take it for granted, and fail to notice its' power and impact.  You are surrounded by colour, and it informs you on a deeper level.  You are in a world full of colour. The world was never grey, and then coloured-in.  It is colour, and each colour is an expression of energy that occupies three dimensional space.

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Red and yellow are different dynamics of energy that you can  experience visually and emotionally.  A red may feel, or be associated with, power or passion, it may be fast, or heavy.  Knowing that you can see colour as a particular dynamic, or energy, is very empowering, and actually opens your awareness.  Each colour has a different dynamic that is inherent in the colour and in your perception.  Both the red and the yellow impart confidence, but in very different ways.  Red can never be as expansive as yellow, and yellow can never have the volume, or substance, of red.  Both these qualities translate into different types of emotional response, or understanding.

Seeing colour can lead you to an understanding, and an awareness, of how you feel, and also an awareness of your potential to express yourself.  Colour is a 'living energy', rather than an element of depiction, or representation, of something else.  It is a thing in its' own right, as a source of information, and dimension of awareness.  Colour has a physical, sensual, and emotional, presence that you constantly respond to, often without realising it.  This is the 'weight', space, and influence that colour has.  

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