Landscapes of Awareness


The ancient landscape holds place and time.

Layers of time and place separate and include us,

to be here now.

PRESENCE  Rachael Wilmot

An aerial view above a prehistoric site, long forgotten, and ploughed back into the earth.  The ancient landscape is like a vessel that holds place and time.  Inside it, we follow the path, moving back through time, to stand on this hill overlooking vast forests.  Part of the ancient forest still remains, and, in the oldest colours, we can see that it all supports the same whole.  This pregnant place was the start, and each layer of landscape increases our awareness.  

 “When the oldest colours have faded, we shall rest, and lie down for an aeon or two.

Yorkshire landscape, with a bit of red added by the artist.

Rachael Wilmot

Satin Sea

SATIN SEA  Rachael Wilmot

We rest in an energy, like a vast satin sea.  It softly undulates and ripples like a flag in the wind.  Islands of awareness rest in the sea, and this interwoven energy causes waves in the tidal currents.  New islands are forming, creating new continents.

SATIN SEA detail  Rachael Wilmot

A whole new world of consciousness evolves into existence.

Lee on the Solent.  Hampshire.  Next to a silent sea.

Rachael Wilmot

 In The Light of Inclusion


 'Beyond It All'

The light includes everything, including yourself.

The light is absorbed into the landscape,

and creates a space to go beyond yourself.

AQUANESIA  Rachael Wilmot

'The life of colour' is the main factor in my work.  Rather than mixing colours on the palette, I build-up layers of translucent colour.  I need to keep the colours pure so I blend, contrast, compliment, and superimpose, colours, and work through subtle transitions in layered glazes to provide light and depth.  Light is reflected within the painting rather than on the surface, leading to greater depth.  The depth is both visual and emotional.

www. rachael wilmot. co. uk         2016


www. rachael wilmot. co. uk         2016

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If you wish to know more about the visual, emotional, and energy, aspects of colour


The Book Of Wonder


Rolling hills, and a deep valley, as though covered with ribbons of silk that move and slide across the surface.  This energy, over the landscape, provides security and assurance.  Open to our deepest awareness of place, wherever we are, we are supported by an enveloping undulation like a gentle rising and falling of waves.  If you ever look-out over the ocean, you’ll know, and sense, the depth of what lies beneath.  This primal energy of the landscape, often obscured by human habitation, animates the scene.  We are assured by a motion over a series of curves, bends, and elevations, that say,

                                         “ Darling you cannot fall ”.

There is no road in this landscape of awareness, only the continuously shifting substance of reality.  There is no weather, and there is no sound.  There is only the undulating motion of our thoughts that follow the most primitive outlines of awareness.  This is our primordial existence from the beginning of, and moving through, time.

Primordial Land

" Darling you cannot fall "

Blending and Dissolving

' Aeon '