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Landscapes  of  Awareness.

Awareness is like a vast landscape, that you can journey through.  Each painting is an insight into a mysterious landscape.  The landscape is awareness itself.  An intangible part of ourselves, that can be experienced, explored, and appreciated, that informs us about who we are, both inside and outside ourselves.

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I am bringing painting back to its' original perceptual role in stimulating awareness and wonder, and moving away from conventional abstract painting with its emphasis on composition or expression.  In an open composition the eye is naturally drawn to large areas and spaces, and to detailed areas, and the layers and depth pull the viewer into the painting and deeper emotional responses.  When you connect to these paintings they will open your awareness.   This is the landscape of your own awareness.

" Landscapes of Awareness " are 'Dynamic Abstracts' in which colour occupies space and creates depth and movement.  The depth is both visual and emotional.  This is about an awareness of colour and its' power.  I find it fascinating working with colour, which is the main element of my work.  Colour is without form or direct reference to things in the world, and yet automatically produces an emotional response and connection.  Colour is a living energy that we relate to through our own awareness, and as we connect to a painting we are taken to other realms of ourselves.  In much the same way as perspective enabled a more realistic portrayal of reality in painting, so too can colour draw you in deeper.

www. rachael wilmot. co. uk         2016

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