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" The Landscape of Awareness " is about colour as realms of awareness.  Colour is an expression of energy and a dimension of awareness, or appreciation, which can be seen physically and experienced emotionally, as it informs and inspires us on a deeper level.  This is the motivation of all my work ~ to capture this elusive element, beyond the formality of composition or creative expression.

Rachael Wilmot

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I paint 'Dynamic Abstracts' to express wonder, beauty, and vitality.  Dynamic Abstracts are felt and known, as much as they are seen and enjoyed.  I paint from inspiration, insight, and the precise manipulation of colour.

After a Combined Degree in Music and Fine Art at Brighton, I moved on to painting the 'intangible energies' directly.  This resulted in a published book of 39 paintings "The Keys of Awareness ~ The Book of Wonder" in 2008.  

Rachael Wilmot

There are two themes that run through my painting ~ colour and scale.  These occupy dimensional space, and a place in our emotions and appreciation.  The paintings go deeper the more you look at them, and the paintings become the process itself, both in the construction and appreciation, as 'Energy Painting'.