At the very start of creation,

the emergence of light,

in the centre of an expanding universe.

This is the inner light of awareness.

Light, colour, enthusiasm, and optimism,

enter the universe.

Colour introduces a 'dynamic' that cannot be fully expressed in words.  Combinations of colours, and certain colours, bring in a deep mystery and an energising dynamic.  Magenta and yellow have different dynamics of energy that you experience visually and emotionally.  Magenta may feel, or be associated with, power or assertiveness, it may be fast, or heavy.  Yellow can be assuring, expansive, or intense. Both magenta and yellow impart confidence, but in very different ways. Magenta can never be as expansive as yellow, and yellow can never have the volume, or substance, of magenta. Knowing that you can see colour as a particular dynamic, or energy, is very empowering, and actually opens your awareness.  Each colour has a different dynamic that is inherent in the colour and in your perception, and these qualities translate into different types of emotional response, or understanding.

RED SHIFT  Rachael Wilmot

Red Shift

At this moment, we can see for 46 billion light years in all directions, in a total diameter of 92 billion light years.  We are seeing events at the very start of creation.  But there’s something else.  Space, and Time itself, is expanding, and into this everything falls.  In the dust and matter that will eventually form stars, galaxies, planets, and human beings, there is light.  It expresses something else.  This is the inner light of awareness.

Seeing colour can lead you to an understanding, and an awareness, of how you feel, and  an awareness of your potential to express yourself.  Colour is a 'living energy', rather than an element of depiction, or representation, of something else.  It is a thing in its' own right, as a source of information, and dimension of awareness.  Colour has a physical, sensual, and emotional, presence that you constantly respond to, often without realising it.  This is the 'weight', space, and influence that colour has.

double-INVERT-f KEYS OF AWARENESS  Rachael Wilmot


The Book Of Wonder

The paintings are a resonance from the heart.  Looking at them, you respond with your heart, and a deeper connection is made between yourself and the 'landscape'.  My painting process is the result of insight and awareness, that I take time to build visually in strength and depth.  Dynamic Energy Paintings are the means and the process itself, stimulating your vision, heart, and your awareness.

Scale plays a very important part in my paintings.     Looking at an image that has no context in figurative reality, there is an attempt to make sense of it, to see it as a scene, or put a scale to it.   Unlike compositionally structured painting, there is no one centre of attention, so you are left to discover what you can, and in that colour, form, and space,     you enter " Landscapes of Awareness ".

ABLAZE WITH WHO I AM  Rachael Wilmot

Ablaze With Who I Am

" I am Here "

ABLAZE WITH WHO I AM detail  Rachael Wilmot ABLAZE WITH WHO I AM detail  Rachael Wilmot

Being part of a world bigger than myself.

Knowing I have my place here.

REVELATION  Rachael Wilmot

 I am I 

‘The Revelation of Existence’

is an awakening of awareness

into an ethereal element.

Radiating like an angelic presence above the earth,

creating spheres of being in light and energy.


Song of the Heart

Optimism opens your world,

like a blossom for a season,

creating a space to share.

This is the creation of positive energy.

BLOSSOM  Rachael Wilmot


Colour is a living energy that we relate to through our own awareness, and, as we connect, we are taken to other realms of ourselves.  

A spirit, or Jinni, in Arabian folklore, is traditionally depicted as imprisoned within a bottle or oil lamp, and capable of granting wishes when summoned.  An individual member of the Jinn is known as a Jinni, or Genie.  Jinn are said to be the creatures created by God in a smokeless "scorching fire", while humans were made of clay.  They are physical in nature, being able to interact with people and objects, and, likewise, can be acted upon.  Like human beings, the Jinn can be good, evil, or neutrally benevolent, and have free will like humans.  The Jinn are somewhat akin to Demons, next to Angels, and Humans, and God reminds the Jinn, as well as mankind, that they possess the ability to pass beyond the furthest reaches of space and time, only by His authority.

INTUITION  Rachael Wilmot


Like a 'Genie' released from a bottle,

awareness and sensitivity light-up everything.

Infusing the furthest reaches of space,

to the limits of the imagination.

' Released into the World '

The silver thread of intuition and realisation

makes a connection between the Higher Realms

and the human brain.

HELIOS  Rachael Wilmot HELIOS detail  Rachael Wilmot


The connection to an immense amount of knowledge,

wisdom, illumination,

and the Light of the Sun.

double-INVERT-f Rachael Wilmot

" I'm putting all these paintings away now.  

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" It is as though another language is going on around you, but you are so familiar with it, you take it for granted, and fail to notice its' power and impact.  You are surrounded by colour, and it informs you on a deeper level.  You are in a world full of colour.  The world was never neutral, and then coloured-in.  It is colour, and each colour is an expression of energy that occupies three-dimensional space."


' Opening Mystery '

 '  The Fire of the Soul '