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 Ancient Spirit of the Heart

We are created in a world

that influences what we think and feel,

but we hardly notice it.

Just like being in a dream.


The world of plants on Earth 500 million years ago.  A place where creatures move through the world of plants in a ‘woozy' atmosphere created by the plants.  Fern leaves unfurl.  Fragrances drift through the air, in slow time.  The distant, low, sun warms an atmosphere, transformed by the breath of the plants in a chemical evolution of the Earth's atmosphere.  Air and water, seem almost to be the same element.  The light emanates with no shadows, and the water has no reflection.  

The plants alter perception and influence the whole of the environment.  In the creation of life itself, tree roots reach down into it, absorbing its’ strength and energy.  Life is malleable and aware.  A new world is drifting, and dreaming itself into existence, emerging out of colour and energy, in a million-year biological explosion.

An amphitheatre full of people watching, and aware.  

People sit in tiered rings, summoning the energy.

A ceremony is in progress, creating more energy

that rises up from the centre like puffs of smoke

into the night air.  They are calling The Earth Light.

' Earth Light '


ANCESTORS  Rachael Wilmot EARTH LIGHT  Rachael Wilmot

Colour is a living energy that we relate to through our own awareness, and, as we connect to a painting, we are taken to other realms,

times, and places, of ourselves.  

 Earth Light


We live in a world of noise, action, and involvement. Silence is the natural condition of the universe, and it enters our world, moves and expands.  The power of silence, can not be contained.  Observation does not require sound.  Movement does not require sound.  Silence is not the absence of something.  It is something that is obscured by sound.  

SILENCE Rachael Wilmot

It is everywhere.



In the landscape of your imagination,

you create your own world,

like a circus ring.

It’s all the fun of the fair.


" Landscapes of Awareness " are 'Dynamic Energy Paintings' in which colour occupies space and creates depth and movement.  The depth is both visual and emotional.  This is about an awareness of colour and its' power.

I find it fascinating working with colour, which is the main element of my work.  Colour is without form or direct reference to things in the world, and yet automatically produces an emotional response and connection.

DELIGHT detail  Rachael Wilmot

If you wish to know more about the energy and power of colour, and also its' links to memory, associations, and even past lives,

DELIGHT Rachael Wilmot KEYS OF AWARENESS  Rachael Wilmot

The Book Of Wonder

Beyond physical appearances, there is an energy that you can access for yourself through colour.  The 39 Keys of Awareness are presented in full colour, with text on the energy, and other karmic connections, in an order of expanding awareness, from Perception, Generating Energy, and Creativity, to Acceptance, Light, and Spiritual Freedom.  Each Key is a 'State of Being' that you enter into through 'Direct Awareness', which is explained through a simple process of looking and understanding. You can work with the 39 Keys of Awareness in “The Book of Wonder”, or through individual cards for connection, healing, and insight.

Each Key is available as a beautiful full colour laminated card in the shape of the Key, with text on the reverse.  The properties of these cards are remarkable, and can be used for the transference of energy (locating and solving problems), visual meditation, or they can be placed in your living or working space for positive and healing energy.

KEYS OF AWARENESS  Rachael Wilmot Rachael Wilmot



Observe the Eternity of Spheres.

Into existence through time,

in an endless repetition.

THE SPHERES  Rachael Wilmot

 The Spheres

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Copyright WHERE HIDDEN CORALS LIE  Rachael Wilmot

' Into Existence '


Imagination is a place that exists out of time, dreaming,

waiting to be born into the physical world.

A place between two worlds.

Where Hidden Corals Lie

In the warm seas of the South Sea Islands is a mysterious exotic culture, refined and intuitive, far away, in an imaginative, magical, place that exists out of time, ‘where hidden corals lie’.  The corals reach out into the warm waters, vast and silent, which are full of life.  This is a place of dreaming and waiting (where babies wait to be born).  It is a place of transformation.  A new life, and a new idea, are born into existence. The eyes of peacock feathers are the individual ' I's ' of awareness.