Keys of Awareness

The  Softening  Light

This series of paintings is a dynamic visual representation of the Human Energy Field. These Energy Paintings show the energies within the body, centred in and around the Chakra Energy Centres. The energy is seen as colour and movement.  Here are some remarkable views, both inside and outside the body, and beyond.


Gouache on paper, framed.    Average size  50 X 70 cm.  

'SUNBURST' by Rachael Wilmot

                                               Ancient Revelation

                                             ' Detachment and Acceptance '

The torn curtain of the universe reveals ancient sacred writing, which contains the understanding of even the worst karmic issues.  The angelic white light makes contact with the Third Eye and Throat. This is The Softening Light that is ever present, that provides assurance and the release from your own pattern of thought and emotion, which brings about a dissolving of karma.



An exhibition of Energy Paintings

'ILLUMINATION' by Rachael Wilmot


                           'The Living Light '

The square represents the pyramid of the Chakra Energy colours of the Human Condition reaching up to the centre of light. The Golden colours of the Sacral Centre are opposite the magenta pinks of The Crown. The green Heart Centre also leads up to the centre, while the deep blue at the back of the Head looks out of the Third Eye. The light calls us from the Earth towards the centre of the limitless light.



'LETTING GO' by Rachael Wilmot

                                    Letting Go

                                'The Light of Day'

A thought escapes from the dark of the Human Condition. It is a realisation that you are free to be spontaneous, which gives you vitality and creative energy.  The emergence of the confidence to be yourself, and find your own direction in life.  This is the Adventure.



'DRAGON ENERGY' by Rachael Wilmot
'SHINING OUT' by Rachael Wilmot

 Dragon Energy

                              ' Dynamic Expression '

Energy is moving up the spine, from the Base Chakra, lighting each Chakra in turn.  Passing through the pool of watery green light of the Sacral Centre, causing ripples of golden light to eminate from the centre. The whole of the spine is filled with energy, and golden light spills out from the Third Eye.

Shining Out

' The Balance of physical and Spiritual Energies '

When a person has confidence they naturally express their energy by 'shining out'.  A view from the powerfully soft pattern of the energy of the Sacral Centre looking up to the golden light of the Solar Plexus.


'WAVE' by Rachael Wilmot


 ' Energy and Life '

The expansion of the positive energy of the Solar Plexus.  This enrgy powers up the Heart.




    ' Mother of Pearl '

This is only part of the whole circle of the Heart Chakra. Pure white light reflects iridescent colours that move out in a continuos wave.  The dark spaces between the colours are karmic issues. The Heart Centre softens and opens the Throat Centre to radiate more light.    

'CELESTE' by Rachael Wilmot
'FIRMAMENT' by Rachael Wilmot


 ' A Tremulous Tone '

The Throat Chakra looking up to the Crown Chakra and beyond, releasing emotional energies.




                   ' The Vault of Heaven '

The golden sphere is a spiritual presence in the vast universe.  It attracts things to it through a process like winnowing, sorting out the heavy from the light. The outer arms are in the process of forming new spheres of light. This whole scene takes place at the back of the Head (and Third Eye) which is our connection to the universe and the eternal.



'KARMA' by Rachael Wilmot
'POLARITY' by Rachael Wilmot


' The Deep '

A softening eye is located above the forehead in the front of the Crown.  It expands and contracts in soft waves, and is a calming link with all the Chakras, especially the Sacral Centre, allowing energy to flow.




                          ' Stabilizing Energy '

The turbulance of the mental energies, linked to the Solar Plexus, is calmed by the energy in the Crown. The two green points are located towards the front of the Head, and from these we can look down to our connection to the Earth, making us more centred.

'CORNUCOPIA' by Rachael Wilmot
'ASCENTION' by Rachael Wilmot


                  ' The Fullness of Life '

This view takes us through the Crown, and down the spine to the Base Chakra. Energy is drawn down through the Crown releasing karmic energy in an upward spiral. Energies are released downwards and upwards in spirals that form the double helix of the Human DNA code.


    ' Transcendence through Awareness '

Energy is burnt up through effort, emotion, and awareness.  A flame at the top of the head is the presence of spiritual energy, like a watery fire. At the centre of the light of awareness is pure white soft energy.



'ANCIENT REVELATION' by Rachael Wilmot

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