Keys of Awareness


Energy Painting 'TREE OF KNOWLEDGE' by Rachael Wilmot

An ancient tree, whose branches reach down to the ground, occupies space and time, expanding year on year.  Naturally without thought, over the ages, the ancient wisdom has not been influenced by anyone.   Awareness is true to itself only.

Energy Painting 'TREE OF KNOWLEDGE' (detail) by Rachael Wilmot

Awareness is seeded through the universe 

with each speck of light

through the endless reaches of darkness.

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The scroll of a violin.

The tension of the strings,

before any sound.

Individual lives.

Individual worlds.

Tree of Knowledge

The whoosh into life, excitement, and going somewhere new. Caught in the swirl of many lives, like a vortex that draws us in. The intake of breath in the ribcage is the continuity of many lives in a Great Unfolding.

The fashion, time, and tension, of lives

that hang by a thread.

Each one is a magical jewel.

Music of the Spheres

' The Sound of Many Lives '

Energy Painting 'QUETZALCOATL' by Rachael Wilmot

This relates to a previous Toltec life as Quetzalcoatl.  The shine of the vibrant energy in a coloured feathered headdress, forms a connection to the heavens.  This is the gift of flight and the Spirit.  Gold is found in the river bed, and fashioned into conduits of the gods.  Like the intangible energy, it is a pure substance.  The earth, our physical body, our place here, is a connection to heaven/spirit through the physical heart and the circulation of blood, and as the conduit of spiritual energy.  The physical heart, is a conduit and conductor of energy.  Energy is pulled-up from the earth, like a volcano, and circulated around the body, giving life, good health, energy and awareness.  A central point of light [an actual point of energy in the chest], activates the intake of breath, and the circulation of energy in the process of breathing.  The intake of breath is the activation of life, and the circulation of the blood is the physical manifestation of this process. The physical heart is the substance and the connection of heaven and earth through individual existence.

The physical heart at the centre.

A central point of light

activates the intake of breath,

and the circulation of energy and awareness.


' Breath of Life '

Energy Painting 'MAGICAL FRUIT OF THE FOREST' by Rachael Wilmot

Deep in a tropical jungle of dense foliage, reflective ribbons of energy like palm leaves, bend and flow, like waves of coloured light.  There is the feeling of sliding active movement.  At the top they open-out into the space of soft green light ~ somewhere quite different from the activity of the leaves.  It is a place that is still and quiet.  The leaves are busy creating ‘the fruit of the forest’ for our material and psychic life.  "The plants are running the show" as they always have.  Between the leaves, there are deep infinite spaces of the unknown.  Like a kaleidoscope of mirrors, perception shifts and changes, producing creative thoughts and dreaming.

Magical Fruit of the Forest

' Expanding Consciousness '

' Radient Expansion '

Energy Painting 'MUSIC OF THE SPHERES' by Rachael Wilmot
Energy Painting 'MUSIC OF THE SPHERES' (detail) by Rachael Wilmot