Keys of Awareness


I paint Dynamic Energy Paintings that look deeper into our perception and awareness.  There is a deeper level to these paintings, that grows and develops through colour, form, and space, to create depth, both visually and emotionally, to introduce another dimension.   These Energy Paintings reflect and inform us of our own energy and perception, and will continue to 'expand' and unfold, as you look at them.  When you connect to these paintings, they will open your awareness.

This is the landscape of your own awareness.

Awareness is like a vast landscape, that you can journey through.  Each painting is an insight into a mysterious landscape.  

The landscape is awareness itself.  An intangible part of ourselves, that can be experienced, explored, and appreciated, that informs us about who we are, both inside and outside ourselves.

Energy Painting 'PRESENCE' by Rachael Wilmot
Rachael Wilmot, right, at The Ranges, Lee on Solent.S

Within that Landscape of Awareness there are personal motifs that reoccur, and go deeper into other Realms,

and transcendence beyond.

Rachael Wilmot
Energy Painting 'REALISATION' by Rachael Wilmot




Realisation in a sudden burst of energy.

It breaks the surface of everyday familiarity.

Something is coming to the surface from far below,

and being released into the atmosphere around us.

Energy Painting 'REALISATION' (detail) by Rachael Wilmot

Energy is released, like the explosion of an atom bomb, sending waves of expansion outward into an area that is spacious, clean and clear.  A different energy has appeared, changing the light into a reflective state, introducing a new quality.  Suddenly a new world is introduced, in a new light.

Energy Painting 'PULSE' by Rachael Wilmot


'Creating Energy'


The spiral of Time and Space, on a vast scale,

throwing-out countless planets into existence,

creating energy.

At the centre, all-knowing awareness.

Energy moves towards the centre, and it becomes more concentrated, moving from an outer to an inner perspective.  Like a windmill, pulling energy in and throwing energy out, powerfully transforming it.  As it pulls energy in, it creates the fundamental force of life ~ gravity.  

I like the versatility of acrylic paint and work on various sizes of canvas, from 26 X 26 cm., and this one at 40 X 40 cm., and 80 X 80 cm.  The square format is the only compositional device I use, and take great care in painting the open edges of the canvas in a colour that is fundamental to the image.  

Energy Painting 'PULSE' by Rachael Wilmot

I know the title, and can see the scene, before I start painting.   I then only have to define it and describe it, through colour, light, space, and form.  At the start of a painting I establish the light and darker areas, and through a series of glazes build up the tones, and bring out points of light, or let the light radiate through.  Dots of different colours are placed so that the eye creates the colour.

Movement is implied in all my paintings and is carried through flowing forms.  Movement encourages involvement and feeling.  The colour and gestural brushstrokes suggest vitality, and while my paintings may look spontaneous and 'free flowing', the use of detail and the manipulation of colour is meticulous and precise.   Each dot, mark, and colour, must be in exactly the right place.

Energy Painting 'PULSE' (detail) by Rachael Wilmot
Energy Painting 'TIME' by Rachael Wilmot


‘ The Substance of the Present Moment ’

The great mystery of Time is vast and unexplored, and expanding into the unending space of the universe.  At the start, awareness was created at the centre, which is repeated and echoed through Time.  Civilizations, philosophies, and great histories, have a place for a moment in Time, carrying ideas and events from one place to another.  We exist on a wave of energy of what has gone before, and what lies ahead, and it expands outward regardless.  Awareness expands into the unknown, creating the substance of the present moment, through Time.

Energy Painting 'BEHOLD' by Rachael Wilmot


" The world is in the eye of the beholder "


Looking forward to what is to become,

and back to what has been.

Resting in the present moment, observing what is.

Energy Painting 'ETERNAL' by Rachael Wilmot



The Three Worlds of Mother, Father, Child.

The continuity of existence.

The Trinity of Old.

The mystery of Being.

Energy Painting 'SOUND' by Rachael Wilmot


'Speaking in Tongues'

Petals like tongues reach out

making their presence known,

in every language of the world.


Sound reflects the sense of a place,

with the possibility of connection and understanding.

Energy Painting "TIME" by Rachael Wilmot.

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